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5 July 2021 - Celebrating with 5% & 10% Coupons Sales

Good evening everyone,

It is getting late over here by the time I finished my day's work and editing and uploading this video.

I have sent out a couple of mails with regards to July sales on this store (, as I am heading back to my place in the UK, to bottle lots of tinctures. Before I left London 5-6 months ago, I made lots of tinctures and by now they are ready and I will be overflow with tinctures at my home in the UK, hopefully some mails get through and some sales come along. 5% coupon J5SD85GE98QA & 10% coupon 0EGTDK83PHM4.

With flight booked and PCR test booked for mid July and finger crossed, that I won't have to scrap my flight. Pretty exciting to get back to the UK, local yacht club where I live is hosting dinner and ballroom dancing - I am so excited. Also Ms. Mills, my piano teacher would be pleased to have this clumsy student back in her living room. However, the most important is - Sailing! on the Thames - Expose to the elements and open sea as well - Feel so good to be alive. My PCR test must be negative and there is a small chance that the UK government may scrap quarantine rules 🙏😂🙏


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