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The reason I am writing this article, I’d like to turn my issue/problem into the advantage of other people, who may find it quite difficult to have a healthy body! Why do I choose to write about this topic? My partner is an overweight lovely man; in this article overweight I mean really he is an Obese!

I don’t understand the term myself but it appears that people become an obese either from childhood, unhealthy diet, lifestyle and the list goes on half a mile long. What about chronic illnesses, terminal ailments? What are the common denominating backgrounds that stem these diseases the first place? Psoriatic arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, chronic kidney disease, fatty liver . . . . . just to make a big song and dance about it, there are some of statistics in various countries on obesity. You can find fancy charts and statistics on these yourself.

I mention psoriasis here as my partner is suffering from this condition badly. 90% of his body is covered in red itching scaly skin, he is tearing himself to pieces and it hurts so much just to see him in this horrid condition. If I could swap his ailments, I would, as I believe I have a better idea how to deal with it. I believe it hurts me more than him just to see his sufferings. And the condition gets worse as time goes on, and you know what! The doctors do not know the root cause of this – stress they said. Stress is the culprit of modern day life, who is in this world, does not experience to some degree of stress or trauma related issues?

Medications! I place an exclamation mark here, as I personally do not like these at all. I have two doctors in my family and I remember each time my uncle wrote a prescription for a patient; his body and mind went through a mini tormented state for a moment before he wrote down something, as patients insisting on getting something for their ailments. My uncle did not like giving out prescriptions.

My partner has mini heart issue, which he has to take drug to keep his heart in rhythm, he takes blood-thinning tablets as he has cholesterol issue, not a lot but it is there. I told him drop the blood thinning pills as he might have lots more issues coming up down the road like kidney and all other related organs. I am not a doctor, and doctors keep my partner alive so far, what can I do? Months after taking blood-thinning pills, psoriasis came out. He had psoriasis before but never this bad; from what I learned doctors keep him alive and he has to take these drugs, no choice!

I believe people ultimately have choice or choices when it comes to the crunch! What would you do, when one day a doctor sentenced you to death? When they give you 6 months, 1 year to live, some worse like three months?

Have people ever considered what could they have done differently? Imagine you are dead three days ago, and now you are watching the shenanigans of this physical life. Who are the most happiest in their secrete hearts of hearts that you are dead? What is in it for them? Who are the least happy when you are gone? & Why? Now because you are dead, physically people cannot see you; you can go around and look them in the eyes, or just watch them. You will be surprised what you learn and you would lead a different life if you could be physically alive again. Now the question is – if a genie pops up & gives you a possible chance of continue living, what would you do differently?

It is very easy for me to say anything, as I am not the one who is in pain right now. However, I do believe that choice is very powerful tool for us to use in any circumstance. Would you choose to continue living with pain by remaining in the same/similar habits? Or try something completely new, get out of one’s comfort zone and take risks to eliminate/terminate the pain, a possibility to lead a better life, put yourself and your body the highest priority right here and now, regardless what other people think! Be a narcissistic, if you have to, it’s your life, it’s your health!

In this quest, to look for something out of the ordinary for my partner I came across Cell Food Supplements from Dr. Sebi. There is a lot of truth in his messages of healing and again I don’t believe people kicked a dead-dog! You have to read up about this wonderful man Dr Sebi. I will link his cell food site at the end of the article. One thing that strikes me instantly with Dr Sebi is FASTING. I fast regularly out of habits. I feel good and energetic, as I have done it for years, just because I like it. I would fast either on Saturday, or Sunday whenever it suits me on a monthly and weekly basis. I would seasonal fasting to celebrate New Year or to greet new season; however, this life style of mine is not everyone’s cup of tea, and therefore I am not a very good sociable creature, as I look at life perspective differently. I watch what I eat to nourish my gorgeous body, love reading, swimming, martial art, yoga, hiking . . . . . . . I love living my life here and now and care little of what other people think of me and having difficulty putting on weight!

Fasting is a big thing and frightens my partner. In life if something is scary or frighten, it is either very good or very bad, definitely not both. Only you can decide deep down which direction holds true for you.

I am writing this article because I am advocating to living a better and healthy life (you don’t have to be a health fanatic like me), and to help people to use their body, mind, action and energy to heal, to promote Dr Sebi Cell Food products, his healing messages, to promote my business stemming from the quest to heal my partner. I am offering a 30-day & 111-day fasting to heal retreat in Spain.

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