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Sailing instead of shipping - 11 September 2021

Thames Sailing Barge Colne Race 2021 - 11 September 2021

We were fortunate to secure the victory of the last race this season – Thames Sailing Barge Majorie won 2 prizes – The Winner of the Thames Sailing Barge Colne River Race and The Best Seamanship at Brightlingsea England. The sailing and racing season this year started at its usual season May – September annually, during the lock-down period last year all events were stopped. I came back to England to join the sailing in mid July, at first leg of international travels easing with reasonable flights, though I paid heavily on tests and tests in and out of England to Europe and back. However, the sailing season worth every penny – life is beautiful and exciting.

I haven’t done anything with update shipping, though this Summer all of my clients endured the waiting game while I am travelled and at sea so frequently – I am grateful for your patience and kindness to allow my shipping time delayed this season and, am grateful for your lovely feedback on my product. Life has been good to me and I hope to all of you as well, my clients and public alike.

With Love and Gratitude 😊🙏💕❤️

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