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Weekly Shipping and 1st time Tip 😂

Thank you for the tip 😂 Alejandro

I never thought this e-commerce platform provides such service or encourage clients to do so, as this is my first time, received $1.50 tip from Alejandro, from Madrid, muchas gracias 🙏

This is my weekly shipping, usually on Fridays, but as I am going to sea tomorrow, and am inflexible to follow the schedule. Also orders came in after noon today, will have will have to wait till next Friday, otherwise cancellation becomes a norm to me now.

I cancelled a few orders which came in from my two other stores on CanveyShop, as well as Reefgekko as somehow these orders came in with free shipping. Well one may ask but this Corehealth store also offers free shipping??? Well nothing is free mate! not with international tracking shipments - at least not in my experience. Royal Mail managers gang up to strike for pay cut and long hours, and it goes from there.

It is interesting to see how my orders shrink as times go by, it can be either my products are now so lousy and nobody wants it, either far too expensive, or throughout the pandemic people slightly suffer financially and therefore less exposable income. My bags used to be full up to the top, minimum is three quarter full each week. This is very encouraging me to spend more time at sea and in my second home in Spain, resulting in lots of orders cancelled as nobody wants to wait - it is life!

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