Adds antioxidants to PiMag® drinking water. The PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator  transforms alkaline PiMag® water into a source of highly concentrated, dissolved, natural hydrogen gas. When consumed, the water from the PiMag® PiDrogen supplies an abundance of antioxidants in order to assist in relieving oxidative stress and to help bring the body back into balance, supporting the maintenance of Active Wellness.

  • Rich source of molecular hydrogen: concentration of 800 to 1200 ppb (parts per billion)
  • Exclusive programmed control system identifies hydrogenated process
  • Fast cycle of six minutes with automatic shut off when ready for drinking
  • Helps neutralize free radicals with antioxidants to relieve oxidative stress
  • Lightweight, compact and portable

PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator usage direction

Please note:  to get the best performance from your PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator it’s important that you do not fill the PiDrogen glass bottle up to the very top with water, please leave at least 2 inches empty from the bottle opening. Over filling may cause water to leak from the seal.  

Product life is approximately two to three years (depending on use), much longer than similar products that only last three to six months and produce water mixed with ozone.

DIMENSIONS: 50 x 50 x 38 mm (W x L x H)

BOTTLE CAPACITY: 475 ml/16 oz 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do not use or store the device in places of high temperatures, such as near a fire, or under direct sunlight. Do not attempt to disassemble the hydrogen generator. Avoid dropping or subjecting the hydrogen generator or glass bottle to impact or excessive force. Do NOT immerse in water.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Clean once a week. Clean the inside of the PiMag® PiDrogen with a cotton swab or soft cloth dipped in white vinegar. Pour a small amount of warm water (below 40 degrees C) into the hydrogen generator. Add 4-5 drops of white vinegar into the warm water and run the hydrogen generator once or twice. Do not use bleach, neutral detergent or scouring pad when cleaning.

WARRANTY: Statutory warranty applies.

Hydrogen water is created when hydrogen is added to water by a process of electrolysis. The electrolyser for the PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator has Special Power Control Software (SPCS) technology that controls the input power and voltage, so that hydrogen-rich water can be produced continuously for each cycle.

The mini-generator is accompanied by its own 16 fl. oz / 475 ml glass bottle. Because hydrogen is a natural gas, glass helps it to retain its potency for 24 hours, far longer than plastic, as well as minimising the carbon footprint. The glass bottle allows you to drink directly from it.

Please visit my store on https://www.nikken.com/eu/CoreHealthandInnerBeauty for delivery to the UK and European countries. Procurement for non-European countries, kindly contact me on my email and the contact form.


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