Chlorine-reduction systems in other shower filters merely trap most of the chlorine or add other chemicals to counteract it. The PiMag® MicroJet uses a reduction/oxidation process to convert free–radical chlorine ions to neutral chlorides while also helping to reduce dirt, sediment and odours. Air is injected into the shower stream creating a higher air-to- water ration, so the water stream is less viscous and has less surface tension.

The nozzle features passages that release streams of microbubbles within the water flow to help provide an effective cleansing action. Advanced magnetic technology helps reduce clumping in the flow without salt or other chemical additives to decrease mineral buildup.

  • PiMag® Water Technology
  • Air-Induction Technology
  • Advanced Magnetic Technology
  • Adjustable nozzle control
  • Five different spray settings
  • Replaceable filter

The PiMag® MicroJet Handheld Shower System requires a minimum of 20psi of water pressure to work effectively.  Due to its filter feature, a slight reduction in pressure may be experienced from a normal shower.

COMPONENTS: Handheld model: 80 inch/203 cm stainless steel hose with white shower head.

MATERIALS: Natural redox process media (nontoxic), pi ceramic material, two ring magnets (1,200 gauss), stainless steel, polymer.

FILTER REPLACEMENT: PiMag® MicroJet hand held model: Every 5,000 gallons or 3 months (Based on average use)

WARRANTY: Statutory warranty applies.

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