End Sailing Season – Colne River Race

This is end of sailing season for Thames Sailing Barge. The Colne River Race was on 3 September 2022 on most beautiful day. The Edme took the trophy home this year, last year it was our Majorie. Enjoy the scenes of smacks and barges on this lovely day.

The Majorie won the Southend Barge Match 28 August, marking the 55th traditional boat match, and it was first race after the corona.

Love & Gratitude to all my lovely clients, you may all have heard already yesterday we lost of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II – May Her Majesty the Queen Rest In Peace 🙏


The Thames Match

There are lots going on since the late 2021 in my life and my little shops and I found myself lost track of time, Also I lost my domain name www.healthfoodretail.com and now it is simply www.healthfoodretail.wordpress.com instead, well of course, nobody is going to find that out.

The Thames Match took place in mid June, started and finished at Gravesend, we did not win the race, the Blue Mermaid did.

One of our crews, Rachel, professional photographer, took all these wonderful photos, and the one without focus and not proportional sizes are mine 😂. I was off the race in between – The Swale and hopefully to be on board again this weekend in Ipswich – the Pinmill Race.

Anyone is not from the UK and is interested in my product, please head to www.corehealthandinnerbeauty.com and of course with some very limited listing on etsy.com/shop/reefgekko.

It is important to note that all clients from the UK should get your items from this shop and or on CanveyShop, as you will not be liable for tax. Thank you for your attention. Also in between the race I am spending time with family during Summer in Spain and it is very long time for each shipment, as I am not home and mostly at sea, as Autumn comes this interruption will be minimum.


29 April 2022 – Shipping Update

Good Afternoon and it is Friday

I got home yesterday after a long long day and pretty exhausting, managed to get filtered one of my tincture and bottled it.

Just out of the blue, I got up this morning and cut my hair about 10cm off – that feels great for once 😂 when I filtered my tincture last night, my hair clip broke, and a bunch of hair fell through my shower cape. It was pretty annoying as I could not do anything as both of my hands are gloved while working with tincture before it was sealed and bottled. It is not a good thing to work when one was tired.

These are items that out of stock/sold out now: Banju, Seamoss plus, eva salve, Liver tonic, Kidney tonic and Lymphalin. Turmeric capsule is also out of stock here as well, I was not able to secure good amount of fresh turmeric mother bulbs. If anyone of you would like these items, then wait till mid June please and these will be shipped from England. I am here still for another week, other tincture still available.

It was my first time to use blabla car, and we barely communicating as my Spanish is rubbish, I used google translate on my phone before speaking to the man – well technology works, in this case, in a desparate situation 😂

Thank you so much, have a great weekend with friends and family,

With Love ❤️ & Gratitude 🙏



April 2022 Update & Discount Code

Testo – Natural Male Hormone Enhancer

Good morning April and hope this note finds you well and safe with good natural immunity with Omicron – think of what the past 2 years has taught us, who has profited €10 billions in the last 2 years?

03.04.2022: Numerous Covid protective measures dropped

Berlin (dpa)- Most state Covid restrictions on everyday life were dropped in large parts of Germany on Sunday. Though infection rates remain high, the new nationwide legal framework provides for only a few general protective measures. In almost all federal states, masks are now mandatory only in doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes, hospitals, buses and trains, while tests are still required in schools, for example. Nationwide, masks still have to be worn on long-distance trains and aeroplanes. Regardless of government regulations, companies, shops and other institutions can continue to maintain regulations such as mandatory mask wearing according to their in-house rules. The federal government has justified its decision to scrap most of the measures by saying that the country’s health system is not overburdened and that stricter rules can still be enacted regionally in case of emergency (source:  https://www.deutschland.de/en/news/coronavirus-in-germany-information)

With regard to me personally, there are lots going on but nothing has been posted on my blog, I only do it when I feel like it.

Nothing more exciting than the sailing seasons now is coming and the thought of it making me feel floating and bobbing up and down the Thames already. Therefore, this is a special note to all my buddies in Europe, so that I don’t have to email each individually, to reduce your import duties you can place your order now, if you think of items you would like in the next 6 months as I am going to be based in the UK again, for sailing purposes, and the shipping time will be dramatically delay every 10 days or more. However the import duties does not affect my clients outside the EU or in the UK 😂, only delay in shipping – also this applies to shipping to the UK clients.

I am going to be in Spain for a ritual full moon walk in Easter, Pink moon they call it, it will be my first time into a deep valley and out again with all the elders in a tiny village in Andalucia. I can manage only Hola & Buenos días till now. The flight tickets are expensive, fuel surcharge and all that, mochas gracias to Mr. Putin.

J5SD85GE98QA is a discount code to be used on https://corehealthandinnerbeauty.com, this site and my other site www.healthfoodretail.com has no code yet, maybe I upgrade that site later on in order to be able to generate discount code.

Have a wonderful my friends and keep in touch, I will coming back briefly to Germany to tidy my place, as from May 2022, all shipment will be out of England, with Love & Gratitude 🙏❤️



A trip to London with a Lady

Lady, when I met you there was peace unknown
I set foot on you with a fine mood on
Soon I was soft inside
There was something going on

You do something to me that I can’t explain
Hold me dearer and I feel no pain
Every beat of my heart
We got something going on

Tender love is blind
It requires a dedication
All this love we feel needs no conversation

We ride it together, ah ha
Taking care of each other ah ha

Sailing barge on the Thames
That is what you are
No one in between
How can we be wrong?
Sail away with me (on the Majorie)
To another world
And we rely on each other, ah ha
From one lover to another, ah ha

I can’t live without you if the love was gone
Everything is nothing if you got no one
And I did walk in the night
Slowly losing sight of myself
But that won’t happen to me now
I am too deep in love with you and I got no way out
And the message is clear
Next could be the year for the real thing (2022)

No more will I cry
Lady, I will take care of you forever
We start and end as one
In love forever
We can love each other, ah ha

Sailing barge on the Thames
That is what you are
No one in between
How can we be wrong?
Sail away with me (on the Majorie)
To another world (hopefully to Amsterdam)
And we rely on each other, ah ha
From one lover to another, ah ha

Sail away
Oh, come sail away with me

(My apologies to professional song writers and copyrights, I mix up lyrics above for fun, not commercial production of any kind – I am selling herbal teas 😊) 

With Love and Gratitude to the skipper (the gentlemen with the radio in the slide, the owner of the Majorie) and his lovely family, the 2nd skipper (the gentlemen who released the anchor chain, owner of Adieu in the docks) and his lady, allowing me to experience wonderful, blissful love at sea and on the Thames. The most wonderful time ever since I set foot in England.

Lady Majorie now is in her Winter berth at St. Katharine Docks till next sailing season May 2022. I hope to be in the service to the Lady in painting, oiling, polishing and other maintenance work. It was an absolute pleasure and no other place i would rather be other than, I loved every minute, at sea on that wooden barge. My secrete lover now is safe in central London, under guardianship of St. Katharine – What a place!


Sailing instead of shipping

Thames Sailing Barge Colne Race 2021 – 11 September 2021

We were fortunate to secure the victory of the last race this season – Thames Sailing Barge Majorie won 2 prizes – The Winner of the Thames Sailing Barge Colne River Race and The Best Seamanship at Brightlingsea England. The sailing and racing season this year started at its usual season May – September annually, during the lock-down period last year all events were stopped. I came back to England to join the sailing in mid July, at first leg of international travels easing with reasonable flights, though I paid heavily on tests and tests in and out of England to Europe and back. However, the sailing season worth every penny – life is beautiful and exciting.

I haven’t done anything with update shipping, though this Summer all of my clients endured the waiting game while I am travelled and at sea so frequently – I am grateful for your patience and kindness to allow my shipping time delayed this season and, am grateful for your lovely feedback on my product. Life has been good to me and I hope to all of you as well, my clients and public alike.

With Love and Gratitude 🙏❤️💕


5 July 2021 – Celebrating with 5% coupon & 10% Coupons Sales

It is getting late over here by the time I finished my day’s work and editing and uploading this video.

I have sent out a couple of mails with regards to July sales on this store (www.corehealthandinnerbeauty.com), as I am heading back to my place in the UK, to bottle lots of tinctures. Before I left London 5-6 months ago, I made lots of tinctures and by now they are ready and I will be overflow with tincture at my home in the UK, hopefully some mails get through and some sales come along. 5% coupon (J5SD85GE98QA) and 10% coupon (0EGTDK83PHM4).

With flight booked and PCR test booked for mid July and finger crossed, that I won’t have to scrap my flight. Pretty exciting to get back to the UK, local yacht club where I live is hosting dinner and ballroom dancing – I am so excited. Also Ms. Mills, my piano teacher would be pleased to have this clumsy student back in her living room. However, the most important Sailing! on the Thames – Expose to the elements and open sea as well – Feel so good to be alive. My PCR test must be negative and there is a small chance that the UK government may scrap quarantine rules 🙏😂🙏 

5% coupon J5SD85GE98QA & 10% coupon 0EGTDK83PHM4 on all items on www.corehealthandinnerbeauty.com


Shipping update 30 April 2021

With apologies to my clients and viewers who come across by blog. My video editing skills are really good that I placed the second half in the first of this clip.

I started with an introduction to wrapping and packaging my boxes, then prepared shipping labels and finishing all that and ready for posting. As it turned out, I reversed the two clips and put them together back to front. 

The good news is, I managed to get to the post office and be on time for the last collection for today, and I am relaxing with my feet up with hot chocolate like most people, as tomorrow is 1st May 2021, and I am looking forward to what May unfolds for us. My first experience of lock-down was in the UK 22nd March 2020, and now we come full circle of 1 year – there was and are still so much fear of the pandemic.

Let’s look forward to what beautiful May brings us – birds, insects, flowers, rains, rainbows and economic crashing, as Britain suppose to open its door to the world as of 14 May, and what is Europe up to then? 

Have a beautiful break 1 May international holiday (we have been on fear holiday over a year already!) and a wonderful weekend, with Love & Gratitude to all of us 🙏  

P.S.: All my product available here and on my other store, on etsy platform and ebay store.

Shipping update mid June 2021

Many apologies in this small clip for all the noises. I am suffering from mild-server hay fever, and had been a hybrid of a Dracula and a Vampire, with hot red eyes, itchy nose and sneezing fit prior to the weekend.

I feel a lot better now, actually felt great after sleeping flat out through the weekend with green sprout juice and my ph shot up to 8.5+ that was so positive. 

So these two shipments were what I had been up to after recovery and I’d like to introduce to all new clients that I am offering 10% off for an order of 5 items upward, with tracking number. Just please drop me a line to the contact page. 

Lily of the valley on 24 April 2021

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) or Maiglöckchen in German. I was lucky today, after the post office run, I went to our local farmers market and there on a flower stand, 4 small (tiny) bunches of lily of the valley in a glass in water. It was like one of those moments in your lifetime when suddenly you stop on the track! It’s my first time to see real lily of the valley, though they exist everywhere now on mountains and country side, though where I live is not country side enough, that I can’t simply go to the forest and hunt lily of the valley – there it is – €5 please. The scent from these tiny miniature white flowers is really intoxicating, exhilarating – so, so good, I never smell anything like this – my room just simply fill with flowers and great fragrant at the moment.

So, what is Lily of the valley? (this knowledge is from a herbal encyclopaedia, not my own knowledge) it is in Family Liliaceae, some of other common names are May Lily, May Bells, Convallaria, Our Lady’s Tears (what a name!), Convall-lily, Lily Constancy, Jacob’s Ladder, Ladder-to-Heaven, Muguet.

Lily of the valley is native to Europe, it is now found all over that continent, as well as North America and northern Asia. It is an attractive perennial, growing to nine inches, producing a pair of elliptical leaves, clusters of bell-shaped white flowers on one side of the stem and red berries. It is a widely cultivated garden plant whose leaves and flowers are gathered in the late spring as the plant comes into flower.

Actions: cardiac and uterine stimulant, and diuretic.
Components: cardiac glycosides (including the cardenolides convallotoxin, convalloside, convallatoxol, and others), flavonoid glycosides.
Medicinal parts: Leaves, flowers – The cardiac glycosides act to strengthen a weakened heart and increase its effectiveness.
Traditional uses: Lily of the valley encourages the heart to beat more slowly, regularly, and efficiently, while its strong diuretic properties reduce blood volume and lower blood pressure. However, Lily of the Valley is preferred by European herbalists as it is better tolerated and does not accumulate within the body to the same degree as does foxglove (another heart herb). Relatively low doses are used to support heart rate and rhythm and to increase urine production.

The herb is also used for weak contractions during labor as well as for epilepsy, dropsy, strokes and ensuing paralysis, conjunctivitis, and leprosy.

It is available here and in my other store, and on etsy market place as well.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley 50ml with international tracking shipment

Lily of the valley, blackcurrant & astragalus in 40-54% distilled sugarcane alcohol with menstruum 1:4 made March 2020 with expiry date February 2025.


Lily of the valley 100ml with international tracking shipment

Lily of the valley, blackcurrant & astragalus in 40-54% distilled sugarcane alcohol with menstruum 1:4 made March 2020 with expiry date February 2025.