Our Dietary Supplement:

LYMPHALIN is made with the ingredients of Dr Sebi Cell Food’s LYMPHALIN ( Removes masses of calcification throughout the body. Lymphalin is rich in natural mineral gold which is essential to the body and aids in the break-up of calcification.


Tincture: Hydrangea, Pushiana, Red Clover & Palo Mulato. Liquid extract in organic grain alcohol (40%-54%), distilled water and dried herbs/menstruum ratio 1:4 (100ml & 250ml) made February 2021 with expiry date January 2025.

Capsule: Hydrangea, Pushiana, Red Clover & Palo Molato. Make freshly upon order only and will expire one year after opening. Please keep the lid airtight and away from children and natural sun light. 1-Month supply 150 capsules.

100ml Lymphalin Tincture


250ml Lymphalin Tincture


1 Month Supply Lymphalin Capsules


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