Last shipping 30 Dec 2022

Time is flying and 30 Dec approaching fast. I am truly grateful to amazing people/clients in my life who trust me to ship their items after a very long period of my vacation, it is more than word can express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you ALL.

Many things in the UK now have gone bit wonky to say the least, consuming products, cost of raw materials, energy, services, postal & shipping services, courier companies are affecting my minute & tiny business, and a lot more commercials enterprises in immeasurable manners. All of these could not have happened in a better time – Brexit, Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Please be so kind as to note, from now on I am shipping once monthly, either you procure your items from this store, etsy or ebay all will be shipped every 4 weeks. Also you can ask me anything you want about my product/item. Most items have a non-return policy, please be conscious of that before you add it to the shopping cart. All perishable products are non-return: tinctures, capsules, oil, salve, powder.

I had hard times working out with PayPal to refund/cancel orders, when the orders came via PayPal. As a receiver of fund there is no button to press cancel/refund, after a certain period, PayPal allows the receiver to cancel/refund. These were so annoying and frustrating during the period I was away for 10 weeks, as I had to cancel lots and lots of orders from this store. on Etsy and Ebay platform, one can just press cancel orders. Please be aware of the process and shipping time, if you are not prepare to wait, please order from someone else.

Many apologies to Salim (the package with green ruler) who waited for me for 7 weeks and I was not able to ship the item to him in United Arab Emirates, when I was back in the UK. I used to ship regularly to that region. I am not fighting with anything beyond my control, just have to accept the current limitation, refund the client with a thousand apologies.

I was home for 10 days to process and ship, and orders start stacking up again, and am grateful for your kindness, trust and constant support. With Love & Gratitude,



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I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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