How to live happily & take charge of your life

It is my current learning curve to live in a new country and don’t get quite fit, but somehow I manage to get with sheer determination to change my life pattern and I am on that journey by accident. So, basically it starts with an idea, an idea to improve my current status; two years ago I started writing as a form of journal entry, that was what I taught grade 5, 6 to learn to write their creative ideas on a daily basis and 2 years ago I started to do what I taught to children; my writing went wobbly all over the place, as I did not  control my trains of thought, or even tried to organise my structure; and trickle of miracle happened; people came out of nowhere starting to follow me, liking me and started to wait and see when my next crazy idea come out. Then I started to pay attention to what I wrote, and an idea of writing for a living, but suddenly things changed! I had no people follow me anymore as I changed my free site to paid site, crazy thoughts to organised ideas!

However, it was a blessing in disguise as then I met other people who make blogging a living, earning 2nd income from home, very small, slow but steady. Working from home fits me, as I don’t speak the language of the country i live in now – Germany! And people who are in this field teaching me, training me to be an affiliate, learning to promote other people’s products. Trust me, it is not easy, but as writing is my favourite thing to do, I love it. I learn new skill in health & well being because of a friend who is very sick, i learn to be an affiliate marketing through my silly & crazy writing, and it is still fun to do. If you want to make a kill in the market, you possibly can, but that requires lots & lots of efforts, patience is VIRTUE!

News’ Today is – Change your mindset, action, pattern and start a new life 2nd income circle now. This is my link to a professional group, who is teaching and training me, Check it out here @ Yoonla.

And this lady, Kathryn Yarborough is a professional business coach, coaching other people who start their business with constant support, right here is her  link @

And these are examples of my own business stem from love of a friend and my crazy writing block my and my herbal remedies store. I hope this will encourage you to take action on your life as well, with love and light.

Empowering to working from home & love your own freedom 🙂 “Can not” is not in my vocabulary, get up and move.
Would you choose to live in love (pleasantness) with yourself or someone else?
Would you let external environment, which you can not control, controlling you?
Have you ever experienced anything outside yourself?
Who should determine how thing should happen to you?
You whole experience of life is 100% determine by you, and you alone!

Published by reefgekko

I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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