Protect yourself against disease

By now you are aware of the emerging outbreak of coronavirus-19 (COVID-19), which originated in China but is now in more than 50 countries including the United States. This is a very serious situation because although COVID-19 resembles the regular flu, it has a 20-fold higher mortality rate and it is not yet well understood how it spreads. It appears to be highly contagious. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control is monitoring the situation and issuing recommendations including hand washing and to avoid touching your face. In the meantime, know that you can take actions to help protect yourself against disease. Our bodies are designed to resist infection through our health defence systems. In a book about in EAT TO BEAT DISEASE by dr William Li what you choose to eat can help boost these defences and prime yourself against infection. Now more than ever, it is time to plan to eat to beat disease. 

From the book, here are three foods that have scientific evidence for activating your immune defences:

  • Mushrooms (white button, shiitake, enoki, oyster)
  • Cranberry juice
  • Blueberries

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