Sea mist – dedicates to Seamoss plus . . . . . .

There is this new marketing tool on that sellers now can upload their preparations and how to go about on their handmade/homemade products, I was thinking of getting a small camera and taking film of my rows and rows of jars with tinctures; however there is an immediate problem there as I am not a professional photographer/film maker, how am I going to film my jars for 10-12 weeks and at the end of that making it fast forward to show how medicinal properties of each jar leaching out and the liquid turning into black.

These ideas of making videos never appeal to me then, keep drumming my fingers on the desk, what to do about it. Can I do something with my hands? After all, my tinctures are made by me, by hands. Within 3 days my Keystation 88 is standing in front me, always have musical interest, but why not learning to play one?

One can see that my fingers are all over the place, hands postures are not right, I don’t really care, it took me 4 weeks to learn this piece of 1 minute long but I am so happy and proud, I am making mistake in this piece, I just have to keep practising it 💕 ❤️ 💝


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I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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