Home in Germany

I am back to the land of ice and snow, not exactly true, as the temperature was very nice. Lots of gravel grids on the pavement at the station, freezing cold wind, actually blowing hard, but I am home, haha šŸ˜‚

It was bit stressful at first, had to cancel my yoga class, prepared shipping labels, booked pick up, got train ticket, picked up test result at airport, gone through painful checked in procedure, one must register to enter Germany 48hrs before arrival, proof of residence, proof of negative tests. It does not sound much, but when one had 20 passengers in front of you with 4 check in desks opened, everyone was thoroughly checked, then boarding card was printed. The baggage security checked was straight forward but very slow, everything in a bag was scrutinised one/twice. Life at Heathrow was business as usual, security was very very stringent, there was no such thing as sleepy heads. I was sucked into these highly alert energy bubbles, and pulled myself back a lot of time, it was very to get sucked in and worked up.

I am grateful that I left Britain on this particular date (27 Jan) and arrived at my messy place in the very early hours of 28 Jan with the unseen gorgeous beautiful full moon in the sky, the energy was so strong, I could not sleep, the wind blowing, I was so awake, bright, full of energy, it is unlike anything I ever experienced. That day I was up very early, clean up my home (7am), do all the things which need to be done, shipping, trains, plane, working actually non-stop, travelled, got to my home in Germany, 1am in the morning, full of energy, as if nothing has ever happened that day. I learned two days later, yesterday, that anyone arrived at Heathrow now (yesterday) is taken to be 10 days quarantine at Heathrow Airport Hotels at one’s own expenses. Well, I won’t be back at London home for awhile, a nice break actually except I forgot my walking shoes and trainers, but my regiments of yoga x 5 weekly has not been broken, except that travelling day.

I won’t be doing anything with this blog for awhile, so many mess to sort out, piles of DHL express boxes (the contents of my whole shop) are coming as from tomorrow (Monday) and I have another test appointment on Monday (PCR test) with my family doctor, then submit the result to the administration that I registered for returning to my home in Germany.

That is it for now, very beautiful day outside, but I can’t go anywhere, quarantine by law for ten days from travel date, test after 5 days, and guarantee again, until the authority given me a letter/certificate, ending my quarantine period. Bye for now, have a beautiful Sunday.

(my video and images gone completely wonky šŸ’“ šŸ˜Š )


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I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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