Core Health & Inner Beauty – Shipping Updates

I am grateful and thankful to beautiful people and friends who supporting me šŸ™

Yoga class went out of the window this morning šŸ˜Š sometimes it happened, but the studio always sent zoom recording video later for naughty students who didn’t turn up, I was one of those students today. I got busy, the 1st part of the clip was in 15 March and I did it quickly after the class and could not manage to upload. On that date, thanks to Ingus for trusting and supporting me and Michael. I will be back in the UK, Michael, let’s see how Brexit and this lock-down going – apparently it is pretty bad now in Germany.

The 2nd part was from today. I am doing my best to send out express shipment same day or next day after order placement when possible, it is just how I feel in my heart. Thank you to Jessie, I am sorry I wrote your name wrongly in personal note in the package, didn’t realise that until I finished your shipping label. I am writing this blog soon after the video is uploaded into the tube, so it is the latest up-to-date ever that I manage with blogging, waiting for the collection man/woman from DHL express to pick up the boxes then head to the post office, to get the last collection.

I post 2-3 times weekly, so that I don’t carry huge bags looking like St. Claus with presents for children. Have a beautiful day, the sun is getting strong now,

With Love & Gratitude šŸ™


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I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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