29 April 2022 – Shipping Update

Good Afternoon and it is Friday

I got home yesterday after a long long day and pretty exhausting, managed to get filtered one of my tincture and bottled it.

Just out of the blue, I got up this morning and cut my hair about 10cm off – that feels great for once šŸ˜‚ when I filtered my tincture last night, my hair clip broke, and a bunch of hair fell through my shower cape. It was pretty annoying as I could not do anything as both of my hands are gloved while working with tincture before it was sealed and bottled. It is not a good thing to work when one was tired.

These are items that out of stock/sold out now: Banju, Seamoss plus, eva salve, Liver tonic, Kidney tonic and Lymphalin. Turmeric capsule is also out of stock here as well, I was not able to secure good amount of fresh turmeric mother bulbs. If anyone of you would like these items, then wait till mid June please and these will be shipped from England. I am here still for another week, other tincture still available.

It was my first time to use blabla car, and we barely communicating as my Spanish is rubbish, I used google translate on my phone before speaking to the man – well technology works, in this case, in a desparate situation šŸ˜‚

Thank you so much, have a great weekend with friends and family,

With Love ā¤ļø & Gratitude šŸ™



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I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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