How to improve & strengthen your đź’“ with dr sebi approved herb – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) Addresses the heart and central nervous system.

Ingredients: lily of the valley (convallaria majalis). Liquid extract in organic grain alcohol (40%-54%), distilled water and dried herbs/menstruum ratio 1:4 made January 2019 with expiry date December 2024.

Direction: either taking 1/8 tsp (0,625 – 1ml) of the tincture beneath the tongue and allowing it to enter the bloodstream sublingually or put 1/2 tsp in 200 ml hot/warm water and leave uncover for five minutes so the alcohol is evaporated, if it is undesirable for recovering alcoholics. Should be taken daily on empty stomach once or twice according to need. 

  • If Lily of the valley is used simultaneously with quinidine, digoxin, calcium salts, saluretics, laxatives and glucocorticoids, the effects and side effects are enhanced.
  • Use only under professional supervision.

Benefits: Lily of the Valley has a profound effect on heart failure, whether due in the long term to a cardio-vascular problem or to a chronic lung problem as emphysema. Lily of the valley encourages the heart to beat more slowly, regularly, and efficiently, while its strong diuretic properties reduce blood volume and lower blood pressure. Relatively low doses are used to support heart rate and rhythm and to increase urine production. Its cardiac glycosides act to strengthen a weakened heart and increase its effectiveness.

The herb is also used for weak contractions during labor as well as for epilepsy, dropsy, strokes and ensuing paralysis, conjunctivitis, and leprosy.

Be understood that these products are intended as food supplements only, not to heal any kind of illness. Just because herbs are “natural”, it does not mean that they are safe for everyone to use.  All medicines, including herbs, should be avoided during pregnancy unless prescribed by a doctor or herbalist. Never give herbs to babies and children without checking with a qualified professional first.  I/WE can not accept responsibility for any adverse effects which arise from self medication. The directions and advice given have been taken from numerous databases and books on herbalism that have been researched carefully.

I am grateful and thankful for your interest in our product. Please feel free to ask/write any question you may have to my email below. Take health into your own hands and ride the wave of life!

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